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Vapor Meister Custom Premium House Juice

Savory Fruity Blends


J-Kandy ☆☆☆☆☆

A Rock Solid blend of Kiwis, Blackberries, Strawberries & Blueberries to bring the taste of delicious Rock Candy.

Outlaw ☆☆☆☆☆

Grape RazzleBerry with Sour Apple

Johnny Rancher ☆☆

A sweet fruity blend. The Strawberry Lemonade & Watermelon pink hard candy you have always loved.

Cosmic Johnny

A cosmic blend of strawberry kiwi, cantaloupe, blackberry and candy watermelon.

Voodoo ☆☆

A Savory Blend of Grapes & Berries that resemble one of our koolest childhood drinks. "Oooh Yeahhh".

Venom ☆☆

An Amazing Blend of Sour Watermelon, Strawberry & Peach Ring candies.

Kandy Krush

A Perfect Blend, your favorite red candy, you will be sure to Vape "Now and Later".

Blue Poison ☆☆

Sour Boysenberry & Sweet Blueberries, your favorite "Jolly" Blue Candy.

The Graper ☆☆☆

A Savory balanced mix of Juicy Grapes & Top Selling Strawkeeper.

Strawkeeper ☆☆☆

A Perfect Blend of Strawberries, Kiwis & Pear. This flavor is truly a keeper.

Nice Melons V2 ☆☆

A Juicy Blend of almost all of your favorite melons. Honeydew, Watermalon & Cantaloupe, with some Berries sprinkled in.

Blue Slushee ☆☆

A Thirst Quenching Blend of fruitiness to bring back the taste of our favorite childhood Slush Puppies.

Sky Popz

A sweet flavor changing rock candy that will excite your taste buds with a smooth candy watermelon inhale, and a complementary grape & blackberry finish.

Decadent Sweet Treat Blends


Johnny Milk Man ☆☆☆☆

A Subtle Creamy Strawberry Milk, complimented with your favorite soft Butterscotch Candy.

Dirty Johnny

Your Favorite childhood uncrusted lunchtime sandwich with a Sweet Strawberry Jam and a hint of Peanut Butter.

Heavens Milk ☆☆

A Delicious Blend of Butterscotch Milk combined with a Sweet hint of Cinnamon.

Miss Milky

Savory Strawberries sprinkled with a layer of light Powder Sugar.

HopScotch ☆☆☆

Our famous Butterscotch coupled with a Sweet Hazelnut Cream finish. Great with your morning coffee.


Tantalize your taste buds with thie tried and tested treat. Exprect the savory crust of an angel cake, complemented with hints of sweet cinnamon, graham cracker crumble, drizzled bluebaerry , and an underlying creaminess tha's sure to bring you back for more.

Sky Pie

The perfect blend of sweet strawberries and mouth warming tart apple filling. PIE.

Caramel Candy

Just like the candies grandma used to give you.

Cinnamon Roll

World Famous, fresh out of the oven.

Blueberry Dream Cake

Delicious Sweet Blueberries drizzled on top of a Fluffy Pound Cake.

Vanilla Ice Cream ☆

Exactly what you would expect…Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sweet Leaf

Our U.S.A. Tobacco sweetened with our Famous HopScotch.

250ml ($89.95)

100ml ($39.95)

50ml ($21.95)

30ml ($13.89)

10ml ($4.95)