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Vapor Meister Custom Premium House Juice
  • Savory Fruity Blends


  • J-Kandy ☆☆☆☆☆

    A Rock Solid blend of Kiwis, Blackberries, Strawberries & Blueberries to bring the taste of delicious Rock Candy.

  • Outlaw ☆☆☆☆☆

    Grape RazzleBerry with Sour Apple

  • Johnny Rancher ☆☆

    A sweet fruity blend. The Strawberry Lemonade & Watermelon pink hard candy you have always loved.

  • Cosmic Johnny

    A cosmic blend of strawberry kiwi, cantaloupe, blackberry and candy watermelon.

  • Voodoo ☆☆

    A Savory Blend of Grapes & Berries that resemble one of our koolest childhood drinks. "Oooh Yeahhh".

  • Venom ☆☆

    An Amazing Blend of Sour Watermelon, Strawberry & Peach Ring candies.

  • Kandy Krush

    A Perfect Blend, your favorite red candy, you will be sure to Vape "Now and Later".

  • Blue Poison ☆☆

    Sour Boysenberry & Sweet Blueberries, your favorite "Jolly" Blue Candy.

  • The Graper ☆☆☆

    A Savory balanced mix of Juicy Grapes & Top Selling Strawkeeper.

  • Strawkeeper ☆☆☆

    A Perfect Blend of Strawberries, Kiwis & Pear. This flavor is truly a keeper.

  • Nice Melons V2 ☆☆

    A Juicy Blend of almost all of your favorite melons. Honeydew, Watermalon & Cantaloupe, with some Berries sprinkled in.

  • Blue Slushee ☆☆

    A Thirst Quenching Blend of fruitiness to bring back the taste of our favorite childhood Slush Puppies.

  • Sky Popz

    A sweet flavor changing rock candy that will excite your taste buds with a smooth candy watermelon inhale, and a complementary grape & blackberry finish.

  • Decadent Sweet Treat Blends


  • Johnny Milk Man ☆☆☆☆

    A Subtle Creamy Strawberry Milk, complimented with your favorite soft Butterscotch Candy.

  • Dirty Johnny

    Your Favorite childhood uncrusted lunchtime sandwich with a Sweet Strawberry Jam and a hint of Peanut Butter.

  • Heavens Milk ☆☆

    A Delicious Blend of Butterscotch Milk combined with a Sweet hint of Cinnamon.

  • Miss Milky

    Savory Strawberries sprinkled with a layer of light Powder Sugar.

  • HopScotch ☆☆☆

    Our famous Butterscotch coupled with a Sweet Hazelnut Cream finish. Great with your morning coffee.

  • Temptation

    Tantalize your taste buds with thie tried and tested treat. Exprect the savory crust of an angel cake, complemented with hints of sweet cinnamon, graham cracker crumble, drizzled bluebaerry , and an underlying creaminess tha's sure to bring you back for more.

  • Sky Pie

    The perfect blend of sweet strawberries and mouth warming tart apple filling. PIE.

  • Caramel Candy

    Just like the candies grandma used to give you.

  • Cinnamon Roll

    World Famous, fresh out of the oven.

  • Blueberry Dream Cake

    Delicious Sweet Blueberries drizzled on top of a Fluffy Pound Cake.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream ☆

    Exactly what you would expect…Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • Sweet Leaf

    Our U.S.A. Tobacco sweetened with our Famous HopScotch.

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100ml ($39.95)

50ml ($21.95)

30ml ($13.89)

10ml ($4.95)